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Monday, November 12, 2012

Why You Should Repair Your Credit for The New Year

Why You Should Repair Your Credit for The New Year

A New Year Is Upon Us
The end of 2012 is near and repairing your credit is essential if like many of us you have plans for success in 2013. Millions of American's will go in debt this holiday season and spend the first six months of the New Year paying off that debt. Wouldn't you like to start the year “debt free” with a respectable credit score?
There are credit repair companies that can ease your worries and can eliminate several if not all those devastating credit entries. Getting your credit in order will ensure a pleasant experience the next time you make a purchase. Are you familiar with that feeling of anxiety and panic when you know your credit is poor and your car just broke down again? What about additions to the family and you know the apartment just can hold another bed or dresser? Poor credit can alter those decisions, giving you a used vehicle with limited endurance and cost you more over time due to higher interest rates. You can prevent that first of the year anxiety by working on your credit today!

Interest Rates Are Low, Meaning You Save Money
Due to the housing and credit crisis, today’s interest rates are historically low to stimulate economic growth. This is the best time for you to buy major necessities like a home, car, invest in real estate or even start a business. You can easily have these necessities accompanied with low interest rates if you make the necessary repairs now and maintain a good credit history from here on out. The percentage rates car dealerships and real estate companies boldly flash during commercials are prime rates (not for everyone). These rates are given to the most credit worthy consumers with credit scores around 720. The lower your credit score, the higher the interest rates; meaning the more you pay back over time. You could easily be a consumer that salesmen cater to, hammering to earn your business. You could become privileged to prime rates by fixing what is wrong with your credit now.

Why Not Today?
One added benefit of credit repair is starting new ventures that could provide a steady income as your credit improves. Monies that were used to pay on credit cards and debts that have been settled can now be used to upgrade a car or buy a home; which can be a stable investment for the whole family. If you don’t need to upgrade, you can look into investment properties, P2P Lending or just save your money.
There’s a possibility that interest rates may not be this low at the start of the year and who knows what they will be in December 2013; therefore, it is in your best interest to start credit repair now! The sooner you start, the more money you will save and things you can afford; ensuring a better future for you and your family!



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  2. Anyone begin by pulling the fixing credit report from your about three key credit reporting agencies; TransUnion, Experian along with Equifax.

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